Biking Over the Holidays

I ran out of vacation days a touch too early this year. For the first time in my post-formal-education days, I’m working between Christmas and New Years.

Too bad I’m stuck at work, but somehow it was a pleasant ride in this morning. Maybe because the vacation malaise is setting in and my children are starting to fight over the Christmas Wii. Thanks to my wife for being at home with them while I escape, if only to the salt mines.

That wasn’t it though. I’d always rather be at home with my Tassimo than at work with van Houtte. No, something was better about the bike ride itself. It’s not that the bike lanes have been cleared (they haven’t – and to beat a dead horse a little, my prediction is that bike lanes will not be clear until April).

The reason todays ride to work was so low-stress was immediately obvious when I rolled into the parking lot. It’s only 10% full. I assume work parking lots are only 10% full all over town this week.

Less cars in the lots means less cars on the road. Great week for biking to work, but not for working.

3 thoughts on “Biking Over the Holidays

  1. Since Saturday the roads have been great here! Even when I went out Boxing Day (around 6:15am) the roads were quiet (despite the parking lot being packed).

    Monday & Tuesday were quiet mainly because those were the official “Christmas/Boxing Day” days off for people since they fell on the weekend this year.

    I was surprised at how quiet the roads were yesterday which was nice.

    Also keep in mind school traffic is on vacation for a couple of weeks!

    It will be interesting to see how busy the roads are comes New Years. Falling on a weekend + warm temperatures (+10 here) = lots of people on the roads (& drunk drivers).

  2. Too bad today isn’t a commuting day, the balmy weather would be amazing … although I’m sure that a few cyclist might disappear in the mud. Rob how did Jan 31’s commute go?

    1. I only needed 1/2 day to take 31st off, so I didn’t work. BTW, Got my panniers hooked up this morning. They are huge. Awesome.

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