Commute by Ski – Cutaway Trek Cog is in the mail

With my brand new Trek Soho DLX in the shop I had to resort to a different mode of transportation: commute by XC Ski.  Actually I’ve been pining to try this mode of transportation since we started this blog back in October. I’m lucky to live close to a lightly used rail line that runs through a park and green space and runs right behind Agfa’s Waterloo office.

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The only part of the ski that’s tedious are the many bare road and pathways. Stopping to take off the skis and then put them back on really adds to the commute time. It’s by far my favourite mode of transport.  It’ll be the most efficient mode of transport right after a foot of snow drops.

Soho Saga Part 2 (Part 1).

William from Trek provided some good news today.  William’s sending a rear cog with cutouts that’s supposed to be self cleaning. It’ll be arriving next week sometime, so I’ll be without a fix for my winter bike until after the new year. I’ll pick it up tonight and avoid riding in fresh snow.

New Trek Cog with cutaways

No one bought my request for a full refund. Trek said it was the dealer’s choice, Ziggy said it’s not their policy to provide refunds.  It’s a sweet ride, but I have my doubts about the belt drive.  I’ll give it another try, I’ve also got another idea to make sure it lasts.

I contacted a number of folks about retro-fitting a chain case to seal the belt drive from the elements.  I may still attempt this even if the cutaway rear cog works.  It’ll just help the belt drive and rear cog last longer.  Part 3 will happen once the cutaway cog is in action.

12 thoughts on “Commute by Ski – Cutaway Trek Cog is in the mail

  1. Good thing they have a potential solution for this problem. I can’t wait to find out how effective it is.

    I’m amazed it’s going to take that long to ship a cog.

  2. Please keep us posted on your quest for the ultimate winter commuting bike. I too am on this quest, having realized that my normal bike’s transmission will probably not survive the winter without constant cleaning and maintenance. I was looking seriously at the Soho DLX, and also at the Biomega Copenhagen, but am hearing more cautionary reviews than positive.

  3. I’m with Chris.

    This is my first winter and I’m glad I didn’t spend any money on my winter beater. I might spend though, if there are a reasonable number of reviews that are positive.

    Does Trek have a chain version?

  4. Hi,

    Great review on the DLX! Was just wondering if you received the new cog yet. I’m anxiously awaiting your update on this!



    1. Indeed I’m over due for a follow up post! Hopefully this weekend. The cog came in, but didn’t fit. Trek just retrofitted my Soho with a chain. For me the belt drive is a fail, however I’m interested to hear if the belt drive has worked for other winter riders.

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