Does Waterloo Actually Have Bike Lanes – Part 2

We got this tweet from Diane Freeman on Friday after I made a stink about the state of bike lanes on Columbia Street in Waterloo and Graham directed it to her (and others) attention.

@robertmcintosh @gocaching @roezone@MELISSADURRELL @MayorBrenda City staff appreciate the feedback and photos.

It was a fairly flaccid response from city staff to the situation. But I guess how can you expect more?

I got back on my bike today after nearly a week of driving and feeling sorry for myself. I felt certain that the lanes would be cleared today. Snowday +8 after all and I was assured that city staff were working on it (also via Diane Freeman) as a priority no less.

Working on it. Emailed Public works. They say it is a priority. @gocaching @roezone @MELISSADURRELL @MayorBrenda #waterloobikes

I think you know where this is going by now.

We still don’t have cleared bike lanes on some of the major roads of Waterloo. I’m guessing the same goes for Kitchener and Cambridge.

At least I got an answer to my question. Waterloo doesn’t have bike lanes. At least not when a better use can be found for that space – Like snow storage.┬áSo for the rest of the winter I guess I’ll be riding mid-lane and driving all the motorists behind me crazy.

Sorry guys, call your city Councillor and get those lanes cleared if you want me to use them.

5 thoughts on “Does Waterloo Actually Have Bike Lanes – Part 2

  1. Rob, I think you’re over estimating the power of email and twitter :) Give it the next snow fall, then try again. And don’t expect change too quickly either.

    After the next snow fall, if we don’t see an improvement, we’ll stage a protest. After the next snow and snowplough attempt by the city, we’ll manually clear the bike lanes and then bill the city for our hourly rate.

    1. That’ll be expensive. My hourly rate is high.

      In my defense, I didn’t think that clearing the bike lanes was such a monumental request. It happens in other cities after every snowfall. From what I can tell, within 48 hours.

      Edit: I knew the bike lanes weren’t going to get cleared. I was figuring on a lethargic response from the city. I just wanted to bring it to everyone’s attention. Job Done.

  2. In order to really get bike lanes cleared, there needs to be policy to that effect. You guys should go beyond Twitter and actually go speak at City Council about this. Give a heads up to a few councillors so they are prepared to discuss it, ask staff hard questions, and perhaps even set something in motion.

    As for myself, I’ve realized that not only are the bike lanes gone, so are the multi-use paths. So I’ve now become that dreaded of things – the Vehicular Cyclist. (Except that I still strongly support good, separate infrastructure.)

    1. I feel the same.
      If anyone else wants in, make a comment on this thread and leave a proper email in the email field, maybe we can organize something.

      Your email won’t appear on the blog anywhere.

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