Uptown Waterloo – Who’s desecrating our bike racks

Take a walk in Uptown Waterloo and you can’t miss their work. It’s everywhere. You’ll be hard pressed to find bike rack that hasn’t been affected.

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And it’s not just bike racks anymore it’s spread.

Yes you guessed it, uptown’s been besieged with Guerilla Knitters. These brave folk aim to make our streets a little more warm and fuzzy by random Yarnbombing. I love it!

Perhaps the best example I found was at the artandmylife blog. Gotta applaud the efforts to make a tank warmer and fuzzier!

8 thoughts on “Uptown Waterloo – Who’s desecrating our bike racks

  1. If you look at the bike rack knits, notice that they have to be finished on-site. It’s not velcroed or anything. they finish the knit at installation time. Pretty neat.

  2. Call me Scrooge, but I don’t like them. I’m a knitter and I like the idea but I think a lot of them are ugly. As for decorating the tank – I remember seeing furniture made out of machine guns. I’d like to see THAT kind of transformation of a tank.

    1. I guess the knitters get a thrill out of their guerilla art, but personally, I’m pretty neutral on the look – the aesthetics are not why I like them. I like them because they are protecting the paint job on my bike. I’m tired of having my bike’s paint scratched off by whatever I lock it to. Keep up the good work, you crazy knitters.

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