And then he knocked my bike over

I read a quote last week that said “People like us exactly as much as we like them.” Basically, you get back what you give out. Well, I must be giving out something different and unpleasant the last few days, because, oh baby.

The weekend was relatively harmless, but today I ventured out in to the world alone again, and that may have been my mistake. After a delightful coffee meeting with friends, I was unlocking my bicycle when I was approached by a homeless man on a bicycle asking for change. I declined and then he moved on, and had a small collision with another homeless man.

The second man also asked me for change. I declined again. He thanked me. I was reaching down for my bag when I heard a mighty crash. I looked up to see that the man had fallen into my bicycle, severing the kickstand in half. I helped him up, and took his arm and walked him to a good place to sit. I offered him my coffee – he declined.

I had one last errand to do – had to pick up three quick items from the drug store. But I had no kickstand now, so I decided I would lean my bike on the wall outside the mall. However, there was a bike there already, so instead I leaned mine against the window. Somehow it nudged the other bike, tipping it slightly. I decided it was all a house of cards and would fix it when I returned one minute later. I went into the store, found what I was looking for and was headed for the cash register when the Mall Security guy approached and told me my bike against the window would break the glass. “Break the glass?” I repeated. “Yes.” “Well, let me move it then,” I said. I paid for my items and joined him outside. “I hope you don’t go to the newspapers on this one,” he said (because I did when mall management had this same fellow put a lock on my bike for parking illegally outside Starbucks last winter.)”I watched you leave your bike here and knock the other bike over.” “I’m sorry,” I said, because really I was at fault. “I’ll pick it up now.” “No, it’s his,” he said, pointing at a teenager nearby who claimed his bike and rode off.

I may need to wear my helmet all day, even when I’m not biking. Sheesh.

5 thoughts on “And then he knocked my bike over

  1. There are a few stores where I have to lean my bike up against the glass. The glass is plenty thick at stores that nothing would happen, so perhaps it was for another reason.

    Was there a bike rack anywhere around? If not, I’d probably point that out to the security guard.
    People here are quite liberal in their attitude as to where people park their bikes.

    I remember reading that story on the Chronicle last year. Do you know if they are still locking peoples bikes?

  2. Hey Ryan – This time, there was a bike rack not too far away. It was my fault and I admitted it. But the attitude was a bit excessive. As for whether the mall cops are still locking people’s bikes, I’m not sure. The metal fence I locked up to last year is now gone.

  3. You may be too accommodating Susan. Guy’s been watching too many Hollywood movies where the glass shatters in a stiff breeze.

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