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One of the major barriers that I had to overcome when starting to commute by bicycle was getting over the expressway. I’m still not sure how the Lexington overpass will be in the Winter. It’s narrow sidewalks are sure to catch the snowplow runoff.

There’s probably dozens of other impediments in the city that others have figured out how to navigate safely and quickly.

I thought it would be smashing if we put up a wiki style route map that we could share our ideas.

We had a pile of routes donated by Charles Horslin. He agreed to open the map and see where it goes.

Instructions for use are here.

7 thoughts on “Routes

  1. Rob:

    I have biked the Lexington overpass in the winter for many years, the best way to do it is to be like a car and ride down the road and take one of the lanes, the side walks are very seldom plowed in the morning and if they are the sidewalks on the bridge are going to get filled by the next plow the travels along the road.

    Bruce H.

  2. Thanks for raising the issue of how difficult it is to cross the expressway. I’ve been cycling year round in KW since 2003 and, whatever the season, I find crossing the expressway to be the most dangerous part of cycling in town.

    1. Bunch of crazy drivers in this town for sure. Mostly, they barely slow down when exiting the expressway. Sometimes I’m on an overpass trying to cross a ramp and surrounded by 100kph traffic on all sides.

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