Home Made Bike – Reader Submission

Todays post features pictures of a reader’s bicycle kit. Not just any old reader or any kit though. Jeff Windatt gave up his car a year and a half ago. He gets by using his bike, his ingenuity and I’m guessing some stronger than average quadriceps.

He lives in small town Ontario, but that and his carlessness hasn’t limited his lifestyle. He says car sharing can be a great alternative for the odd out-of-town trip. Everything else is accessible by bike. Trust me, he means everything.

He’s built his own trike and trailer which he’s all set to improve on. And he even uses it to move heavy loads. Here’s some pictures of the stationary objects.

Here’s his rig hauling a BBQ. I’m gobsmacked because I can’t roll mine across the deck without tipping it over.

Towing a bbq by bike Image
You can even transport loads by bike that you can't by car

And this one of the same trailer hauling a stack of bookshelves.

Hauling bookshelves by bike image
Bookshelves being hauled on a bike trailer

Jeff, next time you do this, grab your video camera. It would make for great watching.

Here’s another trailer that’s more a custom fabrication. He says it’s perfect for groceries, but when he builds his next one, he’ll raise the platform so oversized objects can clear the wheels and hang over the edge.

Custom Built Bike Trailer Image
Custom built bike trailer. Great for Groceries

And my all time favourite. The home made recumbent tadpole trike that he built “just for fun”. I have enough trouble maintaining my factory bike, nevermind building my own recumbent trike for fun.

Home Made Recumbent Tadpole Trike Image
Home Made Recumbent Tadpole Trike - reader submitted
Home Made Recumbent Tadpole Trike
Home Made Recumbent Tadpole Trike - reader submitted

Way to go Jeff. Finding a way to get things done without the use of a car is a major hurdle.

2 thoughts on “Home Made Bike – Reader Submission

  1. I love that the bookshelf picture is taken in the winter with snow on the ground too! Bravo to Jeff on leaving the car behind.

  2. I keep meaning to buy or build a bike trailer. Once I move I’m almost positive I’ll be getting a trailer similar to the first one in the picture.

    I always thought I carried large loads…Nothing like a BBQ or larger bookshelf yet however!

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