Rob’s Cavalcade of Cycling Links

Like Minds

There are a few similar pages around the blogosphere that have similar motivation to our own. This page has Hamilton’s answer to Actually, I guess since he was around before us, we’re the answer to

Kitchener and Waterloo Routes

I always wanted to get this site integrated with a bunch of user provided route maps. I’d still like to do that someday. If I can get the technical bit figured out, this compendium of routes would be a great start. Annotated, detailed routes for getting around KW. Even getting to Guelph and Cambridge is covered.

Only Liberal Hippies Ride Bikes

It’s a common misconception. I have a few pinko friends who like to pedal. I have some pedaling friends whose politics I’m not sure about. Then there’s Jim Schneller who puts the bikes are for liberals stereotype to rest once and for all.

Driver Venom

This idiotic website was making the bikeosphere rounds a few weeks ago. Like most venom filled tirades, it’s filled with misconceptions and half truths. Long on flash, short on substance. And, as usual, guy with camera waits around until a cyclist is breaking the law, then snaps a picture trying to convince everyone that we are all scofflaws. We should all carry cameras too, take pix of cars rolling stop signs, then compare who has more photos, us or them.

Bike Smut

I always like to throw in a picture of a gorgeous bike on links day. This baby is so sexy, I’d be afraid to ride it.

4 thoughts on “Rob’s Cavalcade of Cycling Links

      1. Hi. I started that map. I can add you guys as collaborators if you’d like to add more routes. It’s pretty easy to put stuff on the map… I’m not exactly a technical genius. The map is easy to embed in a page, check it on my site. You can adjust the size and all that jazz.

        I did start it so we’d have an easily accessible repository of routes that work for local cyclists to get to actual destinations instead of the city and regional “infrastructure” that is haphazardly planned and really only exists where it was cheap or convenient to put stuff… the city of Kitchener has a master plan now that seeks to link stuff up and improve the city’s existing stuff, but it can’t fix regional issues. Enh.

      2. I guess I’m looking to build a map the routes individuals use to commute by bike in the area. Kind of like a living study.

        The map by Charles is a great resource for general use bike trails through the city and I’d hate to clutter it. (Charles is it easy to create? I guess I’ll have to dig into Google maps a bit.)

        The only downside I could see is that folks may not want to put their address / neighbourhood online. Would not want that precious Citation to go missing :)

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