Light’em up

As the  days get shorter, make sure you are visible. This weekend’s time change will make our evening commute much darker.

Here’s my standard equipment for ensuring visibility (much of these I purchased at MEC a few years back):

  • Planet Bike 0.5 Watt LED front light
  • Planet Bike psychedelic red light (attached to backpack)
  • Bright yellow cycling jacket
  • Reflective Pant cuff

From a bike light perspective I’ve made the minimum purchase.  it works for others seeing me, but it’s pretty poor at lighting up my path.

So how do you light’em up for these short days?

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4 thoughts on “Light’em up

  1. I’ve always have two reflectors, two reflective stickers and a flashing light on the rear of my bike.
    My front light was stolen earlier in the year and I’ve yet to replace it.

  2. I scavenged a bunch of 18650 lithium cells out of old laptop batteries and then snagged a couple of LED flashlights that will fit the cells. They are incredibly bright and last for hours and hours. Appropriate chargers, lights, and handlebar clamps can be found on EBay or at DealExtreme for a few tens of dollars.

    For the lights, get ones that have as few modes as possible, IMHO. I prefer a simple on/off switch, rather than multiple levels of brightness and flashing. Additional modes are nice and all, but I end up accidentally triggering them often enough to really annoy me….

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