Why Don’t Cyclists Wave

Why don’t cyclists wave to each other when passing on the roads? Maybe we should. Other commuters might think they were missing out and be more likely to join in.

You see it with other non-car vehicular conveyances.


  • Truckers
  • Bus drivers
  • Motorcyclists
  • Runners
  • Stilt walkers
  • Daredevils

OK, I can only assume for the last two. If two stilt walkers ever passed each other on the sidewalk, I bet they would wave. Likewise daredevils as they are jumping cars in opposite directions over a shark tank. They’d probably wave.

Starting tomorrow, I’m going to wave at every cyclist I see, safety pending.

8 thoughts on “Why Don’t Cyclists Wave

  1. I always thought of this. If I make eye contact with other cyclists I give a little nod, but that’s about it.
    I find that racing cyclists tend to wave to one another, but commuting cyclists really have no interest.

    1. Good point Ryan, I’ve noticed the wave from recreational road bikers, but rarely from commuters. Rob let’s start something here. There’s one guy who heads in the opposite direction from me and we pass at least twice a day. I’m going to blow him a kiss … wonder how long till he changes his route :)

  2. Rob when you first posted this article, I thought where did this corny idea come from :)

    I was visualizing an Rob waving with is whole body at every cyclist that passed by like my 2 year old at the recycling truck …. but then I realized that it already happens and it’s a cool nod or flick of the wrist saying it’s your road you paid for it.

  3. Come on, haven’t you seen motorcyclists and bus drivers do this? You stick out your hand at the side a bit, two fingers… It’s the height of cool.

  4. I like to do the minimalist nod, with eye contact. Definitely not going to try the kiss blowing thing! But when we cycled the Galloping Goose Trail (http://averagejoecyclist.com/?p=551), EVERYONE waved, and it was really pretty cool – very neighbourly and friendly. It was actually to the point where if you went past a cyclist who did NOT wave, you thought “What’s HIS problem?” !

    I do like the idea that if we all look like one big happy club, motorists will start to think they are missing the fun (trapped all alone in their cars). Because one thing is for sure, motorists NEVER wave at each other (let alone blow kisses!)

  5. I don’t wave at other pedestrians or at other drivers. I don’t see why waving at other cyclists catching on, especially as cycling grows as a percentage of trips.

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