Worst Bike Purchase – A Kettler Trike

Nothing but the best for my toddler’s first year birthday – A $200 tricycle that doesn’t work!

I differ from my minimalist friend Rob who’s spent $100 on all his bikes combined. Don’t get me wrong, I’m cheap – but I also like and appreciate quality gear.

However, there was no excuse for this silly expenditure.  Kettler’s marketing got me. Made In Germany. Quality construction. Maximum weight 150lbs.


kettler trike
Worst Bike Purchase Ever


My daughter’s almost 3 and weighs 26lbs.  Therein lies the problem. This tricycle, made from solid steel, capable of carrying an adult, weighs 20lbs.  That’s akin to me riding a 175lbs bicycle. She’s never powered this bike more than a few feet.

It’s supposed to be adjustable, it’s set at it’s smallest size and my daughter who’s almost three can only now just bearly reach the pedals.

The Kettler’s deficiencies stood out even more when we were in a bike shop and she was suddenly able ride around on a Trek Mystique with training wheels — I’m now going to be looking on kijiji in the spring for a similar bike. (Or ask Rob if his kids have outgrown their bikes.)

What’s your worst bike purchase?


bicycle is functional
Trek Mystique works


4 thoughts on “Worst Bike Purchase – A Kettler Trike

  1. I bought a 30 dollar mountain bike from Kijiji (surprised?). The threads on the bottom bracket were mostly stripped. The pedal would only stay on long enough for a test ride. Once it passed, I bought it, then on my first ride to work the following morning, the damn pedal fell off. I had to finger tighten the pedal every 100 yards or so all the way to work.

    Then I threw it in the garbage.

  2. I wish I had a picture of my first tricycle. It was amazing! I can’t really remember what it was made of, but I know there was no plastic on it.

    I’m actually fortunate that I haven’t really had any real horror stories with bike purchases. Worst purchase would be rear pannier bag I bought at Canadian Tire for $20.
    In the store they looked quite large, however when I got home and put them on my bike I’d be lucky to hold a loaf of bread in each side.

    The real horror part came when trying to return it. CTC demanded a drivers license in order to return the item despite having the receipt and having only purchased it an hour earlier. It took a lot of arguing with them that I didn’t have a license for them to finally accept the return.

    I do have a good bike purchase story. The two pannier baskets (which I am still using after 3-years of very good use) I purchased for $2 each. Regular price was $20 each.

    Be careful with Kijiji. I’ve sold A LOT of bikes on there and when people came over to look at the bikes they told me stories of people who would hide certain things (ie frayed brake wire, broken gears).
    I would always overhaul bikes before selling them (in many cases putting on new braking units, tires etc.) though I suppose not everyone does.

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