A Sure Sign of Regress

Ontario’s most populous city. Here’s their new mayor on the topic of bike lanes:

My favourite part is where he says that at the end of the day, the bikers are at fault if they’re getting killed in the street.
It’s a sure sign of regress on the topic of bicycle transportation infrastructure.

4 thoughts on “A Sure Sign of Regress

  1. I can imagine the paradise now…Twenty-lanes for car traffic. Pedestrians are given a 1 metre wide sidewalk (on one side of the street only of course) and bicycles and cyclists are a thing of the past…

    Apparently that is the thinking of suburban Toronto.

    What are your thoughts on Zehr getting back in, in Kitchener? I get the impression he hasn’t done much for that city except turn it into a suburb for Waterloo now.

  2. Due to respect to the gracious readers of this blog, I will refrain from expressing my opinion of this “person” and of politicians in general.

  3. I don’t live in Kitchener, so not fully following their municipal politics. I don’t think he’s taking the city in the right direction wrt cycling. I heard he’s got $70,000,000 to spend for downtown parking and $6 million for the next 20 years to spend on bike lanes. But, in his defense, he’s not Rob Ford.

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