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Chic Cycling in Canada

Here’s a great 4 season blog from Niagara Region for the rest of us. The blog is about biking lifestyle. The author doesn’t have a car or a drivers license. As far as I can tell, he doesn’t have lycra pants or specialized cycling shoes either. He’s got an opinion though, which makes for a great blog.

FYI – he has some cogent observations about the inverse relationship between helmet laws and cycling uptake. I would still encourage anyone on the fence to wear one.

Bicycle Physics 101

More information about bicycle physics than you ever wanted to know. Mathematical treatments of bicycle statics, dynamics, friction, steering, stability, gearing and then the specifics of frame geometry, wheel construction,  and transmissions. Someday I will make time to read it all. Text and illustrations from 1896.

Copenhagen Left

I made a comment earlier this week about a ‘Copenhagen Left’. If you were wondering ‘WTF is he talking about’, there’s one in this video at 4:14. The safest way to turn left in traffic bar none. Remember that if you’re using the crosswalk, get off the bike, or at the very least travel at pedestrian speed.

Bike Smut

Not sure about the inclusion of disc brakes and toe baskets on this beautiful bike. But those handlebars make me drool.

Fashionable Biking

I look ridiculous when I’m riding. I’m lucky enough to have change rooms and showers where I work. Some people aren’t so lucky and seem to make it work using their regular attire. Yet others are convinced that they should be as fashionable on bike as on catwalk.

Old Frame Fence

Here’s a cool idea what to do with all the frames that are in your GOK pile. After all, once you strip the frame of brakes, pedals, dérailleur, rims, chain, cranks. What else are you going to do with it.

2 thoughts on “Rob’s Cyclicious Links

  1. My favourite aside from your link to Ryan’s blog is the old frame fence — awesome!

    You know I need a railing out front …. what do you think the wife will say :)

  2. Thanks for the plug!

    Love that Flickr group (Fashionable Biking). Quite a few flickr groups out there that pertain to commuting by bike!

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