Bike Polo

Waterloo Town Square had a pretty cool bikeapolooza celebration Saturday/Sunday. . I made it down for the final game of the bike polo tournament. It was a pretty exciting event. Here are a few images of the mayhem.

Bike Polo in Waterloo Square Image
The Action is Furious
Bike Polo in Waterloo Square Image
There are right of way and mutual respect for opponents.
Bike Polo in Waterloo Square Image
Still a pretty competitive game.
Bike Polo in Waterloo Square Image
There's not a lot of room, but the speeds can get up there.
Guy falls while playing bike polo image
Sometimes there's spills
Bike Polo Bike Art Image
Bikes are for both form and function

Notice that the bikes either all fixies or single speeds. No messing around with gears.

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  1. Fantastic pictures. How did you get the one of the guy falling?

    Hey you forgot to mention that we’re going to be putting in at least one #waterloobikes team next year :)

    My favourite bike was the pink barbie, the owner was dressed to match.

  2. Hey Rob not too sure about your take on fixies … I noticed lots of fixies coasting. There’s not way pic # 3 is not coasting, one leg in the air. I think some fixes are setup to allow coasting. I was wondering if there could be a switch as really the only position where it’s super useful is keeper.

    Need someone else to chime in.

    1. Maybe they were single speeds. Or maybe some singles and some fixies. I edited the post to take out the part where I say they’re all fixies. I don’t actually know.

  3. Someone asked us to come on here and talked about the bikes and who the guy wiping out was.

    The guy wiping out there is named Neill. He was one of the tournament organizers and key figure in the Waterloo Area Bike Polo scene.

    There is a lot of diversity in terms of bikes. It’s a matter of preference and your chosen combination of pros and cons. I’m no pro but this is a collection of stuff I’ve gleaned courtside.

    Road frames (pros – low roll resistance, lightweight | cons – weaker frames and wheelsets, caliper brakes (low stopping power unless you blow some bigger bucks), higher bottom bracket=easier to score on))

    Mountain Bike Frames (pros – tougher wheelsets and frames, better braking (v-brakes and disc) | cons – heavier, higher roll resistance)

    Lots of Single Speed (pros – fewer moving parts so less to go wrong, no derailleur to jam into your spokes (this happened this weekend) | cons – less speed options for driving around the city or to the court, there is no standard courts size so you could be under geared or over geared in certain contexts)

    Fixies (pros – more bike control, able to reverse quickly in net | cons – it’s a fixie ;), harder to stop on a dime and keep your mallet in play) lots of fixie riders also run a brake (front or back)

    There is a lot of debate as to what makes the best setup. I think there were 2 or 3 fixies out of the the 30 players at the tournament.

    I currently run an old Minelli Chro-Moly Diablo (it has horizontal dropouts and v-brakes). I ride 26″ with an Alex dm18 rear and a no name peice of crap on the front. My tires are 2.125 slicks for maximum traction (but they have high roll resistance). I run chopped down straight bars. I have a full set of gears on the back wheel and crank but I have no derailleur. I can adjust my gear ratio by running my chain on various combinations of my front and back gears and tighten/loosen the chain via the horizontal dropout. My bike is pretty heavy and slow but it is pretty close to bomb proof.

    1. Hey, thanks. It was me who asked you to come over and explain a little about the bikes.

      What about the wheels? Most of them have a sort of homemade cover. What’s the purpose of that cover? At first I thought it was to protect spokes from ball/mallet, but some only had them on one side.

  4. By the way fellas you can bring your own bike out and play some pick up with us twice a week. Feel free to ride whatever setup you have. No rules. Just make sure your handlebars are capped (no core samples please). Most of us are newbs so it’s a really easy group to join if it’s your first time.

    There is a tournament in TO coming up Nov 6 to 7. So you don’t have to wait until next year. is your hook up for convos about polo strategy, bikes, mallets, etc… and it announces all the upcoming tournaments.

    Pick up in Waterloo/Kitchener:

    Tuesdays, 6pm
    At the REV basketball courts at UW,-80.552343&num=1&t=h&sll=49.891235,-97.15369&sspn=16.71875,56.536561&ie=UTF8&ll=43.469927,-80.552187&spn=0.006369,0.012016&z=16&iwloc=A

    Sundays, 4pm
    At Cameron Heights Collegiate, 301 CHARLES ST E, Kitchener.

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