Sweet Night

Conveyance is cheap when human powered!

I picked up two bikes sitting by curbside tonight. I had to bike over, then cycle one back (not recommended in traffic), then go back and do it again for the second.

One is for my wife. The other for my eldest daughter. Some work to do this winter.

If you don’t want to spend money on your ride, you don’t have to. Pictures to come.

4 thoughts on “Sweet Night

  1. That’s where I get/got most of the bikes I’ve used (including my current one).

    People either had no interest in repairing them (usually worn out brakes or a flat tire) or they wanted to “make space” in their garage, so they would throw them out knowing that someone within an hour or so would scoop them up (either for usage like myself or those who take them to scrap yards).

    Regrettably I have not encountered a bike just lounging around curbside in months (almost a year). Bikes are a hot commodity here now and when a bike is abandoned people jump on them right away.
    Usually when I do see a bike lying around now it’s either a youths bike or a BMX bike.

    Actually the last bike I purchased was over four years ago at a Church sale. Old 80’s road bike with nothing wrong. Paid $8 for it, used it for a year or so when I needed to get around fast, ended up selling it for $40!

  2. That’s a good sign if bikes are disappearing quickly from curbside. The funny thing is I’m hoping to sell a car to free up space in my garage for my bikes!

  3. Good sign = more bikes
    Bad sign = less bike for me :p

    In 2007 our house finally dumped the car completely. It just died one day and ended up sitting in our driveway for 2 or 3 years, then in 2007 we figured we’d cash in and got a couple of hundred for it.
    I’d give anything for a garage…All my bikes stay in one of the spare bedrooms. Makes it difficult to work on them.

  4. The reason why there are no more bikes lying on the curbside is because Rob is grabbing them all…

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