I Bike I Vote


I Bike I Vote
I Bike I Vote


Municipal elections on October 25th give us the best bang for our democratic vote, having the most impact in our day to day lives.

If a candidate calls or rings your door ask them what they’re doing to help make commuting ‘sans l’auto’ more accessible and safer.  Also ask them if they commute to work via the bicycle. If they don’t, ask them what would need to change in our community to change their mind.

Bill made good on his promise to snail mail two pins to everyone  who sent him their address. The pic above is my my proof – Thanks Bill.


  • Interesting article on businesses who are objecting to adding bike lanes (and a land reduction) to King Street uptown Waterloo.  Perhaps a few delegates from #WaterlooBikes should show up at a council meeting.  Anybody want to come along, we should get some tee-shirts printed up somewhere.
  • Bill Bean who’s an assistant editor for The Record and also writes an activist charged cycling blog called ‘Take The Lane‘.

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  1. I received mine earlier this week in the mail as well! I’m sure I’ll be the only one to have them in Niagara :p

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