Get to Work! (by bicycle)

How can workplaces encourage their employees to come in by another form of transport than auto? I’ve got a few. Some are used by my employer to encourage employees to leave their car at home, some are just ideas:

  1. Indoor bike parking at controlled entry – Some bikes are worth stealing (not mine). Keep that eye-candy indoors when employees are busy building the products that the company sells.
  2. Bike racks near the door – If you can’t get indoors, maybe shuffle some of those executive spots over a little to make room for people who are committed to coming in by bicycle. You can get 10 bikes into one executive parking spot.
  3. Bicycle purchase plan – I’m perfectly comfortable on a bicycle that costs less than a premium coffee, but that’s not for everyone. Start a zero-interest loan plan with paycheck deductions until the company is paid back. Computers get purchased this way all the time.
  4. Onsite shower facilities – I drip waaaaay too much to bike in and get straight to work. Lots of people can, not me. It’s tough to accommodate for a business unless the facilities are already in place. But if you’re company is moving or building, consider including this¬†amenity.
  5. Cash incentives РIf your office has trouble providing parking for everyone who needs it, they could consider paying people to not drive to work. A small cash (or gift certificate) subsidy can go a long way. Maybe even increase the amount proportionally with the miles traveled.

Depending on your company. Offering an alternative commute incentive can have benefits for the company too.

  1. According to a Dutch study, the number of sick days is lower for employees who bicycle to work. I would guess this applies to any form of commute which has a physical exercise component.
  2. If you can get enough support, you can reduce the congestion in your businesses part of the city. This makes your business easier to get to for employees and customers.
  3. Parking lot chaos is reduced. If you don’t have enough parking for all your employees, they will be cranky. Especially the ones from out of town. Make it easy for your townies to leave their car at home.
  4. Maybe you don’t have to provide that indoor fitness facility after all. Make a few interest free loans instead to the employees who are interested in biking.

Got any other ideas? What’s your workplace doing to get employees out of their cars?