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Don’t be a Dick

We’re not all in this alternative commuting mode to save the planet. Some of us are saving our pennies, or getting exercise and so on. That’s all OK. Still, you’re doing a huge service to the environment by getting out of the car. Even if it’s not your top priority, finish the job and don’t be a dick.

Bicycle Commute Tips

We’ll have our own set of tips eventually, but this blog that I’ve been perusing has a great set of commuting by bike tips. He’s from Calgary. It’s very motivating to read about a year-round bike commuter from a much colder climate than your own. The blog isn’t about commuting by bike, but he does it and writes about it.

Take the Lane?

One thing that can be intimidating to new cyclists (it was for me) is figuring out where is the safest place in the lane to ride. This blog article has good info. In some ways they’re a bit cavalier about taking the lane. Then again, I’m ultra-conservative when it comes to my own safety. I encourage you to be the same way. Go read the blog post and my comments on the end.

Monorail Bikes

Most forward looking transportation vision + expertise. This is an innovative idea for public transit. Like most true innovators, I imagine they have their detractors. Still, thinking about the future is a cool job. And you have to give props; they have a heavyweight primary investor.

Bicycle Smut

One of my favourite spots to ogle bikes is CycleExif. This Guerciotti Oro gets my blood boiling. Maybe I need to see a psychiatrist.

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  1. Rob as usual a great post of interesting links – it’s spurred a few post ideas for the future – thanks!

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