A few more definitions

I promise not to hog the blog – but I do want to share a few more definitions that I think are worthy:

”Helmullet“: This is the hairdo that the guy in my office sports on mornings when he rides his bike to work (wearing a helmet of course). Lloyd Christmas in front, party at the back.

“Knee-greaser”: Sadly, this refers to folks like me who, for whatever reason, continue to struggle with the simple technique required to remove a locked shoe from the pedal before gravity takes over.

“Unicyclist”: Again, I fall into this category.  This is a male cyclist who has had the unfortunate experience of having one of the boys surgically removed for the good of the whole.  Lance is a classic unicyclist.

“Rubberhead”:  This is the cyclist who chooses not to wear a helmet on a busy street, presumably with the expectation that he/she will bounce to safety.

5 thoughts on “A few more definitions

  1. Joe add in – “rubber-head” – that’s the cyclist who chooses not to wear a helmet on busy streets in hopes that he will simply bounce to safety (it was in your email but not in your post).

  2. Haha! The “Helmullet” reminds me of my favourite coined term – Helmet Hawk: The three parallel mohawks on my head that result from my hair sticking up through the vents on my helmet.

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