thrown from the nest

Sometimes you need to be thrown from the nest.

I consider my self pretty lucky working at Agfa up on Phillip Street, we’ve got showers, change-rooms, indoor bike storage and even cash incentives to take alternate transportation.  But last month I was thrown for a loop. Our landlords had a building inspector visit. They were checking a new bulkhead that happened to be in the stairwell where we’ve packed our bikes. Apparently it’s a no-no. So there I was thrown from my nest. My routine of running and cycling to and from work was disrupted. My one-car, small family lifestyle at risk.

My ’94 Wheeler mountain bike is ‘precious. $1500 bucks when you’re in University is like having a$60K car – may it never die. I hate leaving it outside to burn in the sun or soak in the rain, much less have it disintegrate in the salt. So I’d run to avoid bad weather, and in the process get a better workout all while commuting to work.  The hitch with running meant that I needed to leave my bike and an extra set of clothes overnight. No problem with indoor storage, but a non-starter when the bike needs to be left outdoors in an empty parking lot.

Little did I realize that indoor bike storage made it possible.

Completely lost, I turned to the blogosphere. How do other commuters overcome the challenge of getting up when it’s dark and cold and bike to work?  How do they keep it up? There seemed to be lots of advice from London, San Franciso, Tampa, but very little from the great white north.  And not one from my home town Waterloo.

So that in turn is what inspired my saunter over to Rob’s cubicle to plant a seed of a local blog on biking. (Coupled with his very cool picture of his ten-speed which is the blog’s banner.)

Let’s see where it goes.

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