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I have several bikes. Besides being in a family with 4 other people (and 4 other bikes), I have 4 of my own. I know that seems excessive, but they all have their uses which will all be covered in time.

Unlike Graham, I refuse to pay more than $100 for a bike. I don’t think I’ve spent $1500 on all the bikes I’ve ever owned.

Raleigh Citation
Made in Canada Old Ten Speed

This here is my baby. I’ve had this bike since mid summer. She treats me good. I even put on some new tape that matches the frame. It’s a Raleigh Citation.

I picked it up for $30 from Kijiji. One of the best $30 I ever spent. You should know that I’m extremely ‘careful’ with my money.

I started my commuting to work this summer with a SuperCycle XTi 18. It’s actually a youth mountain bike and much to small for me. This baby is a full sized 10 speed from back in the day. I’m ball-parking it around 1980’s or so.

It made a major difference in my commuting effort. Going from mountain bike to 10 speed is huge. The bike is lighter (heavy by today’s road-bike standards), it’s geared higher than a mountain bike, it has bigger diameter wheels with skinnier treads. I think all this goes to reducing the effort required to move the bike and rider forward. Hey, I’m all for that.

I got this unit home, adjusted the brakes, oiled the chain, and it was ready to go. I rode it to work the next day. The front tire had to be replaced before too long but 15 bucks puts my total investment in the bike at 45 dollars.

My car cost me that in insurance alone every two weeks. Not to mention the gas. So basically, the bike was paid after 14 days of parking the car. Not a bad ROI. Now I’m saving 90 bucks a month by leaving the second family vehicle in the garage with no insurance. If everything goes well this winter, I’ll be looking for a buyer…

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  1. It’s old-school. From the golden age of ten-speeds. I think late 70’s or early 80’s. I’ve never been able to find information about the production run of these bikes. I think they’re Canada built specials.

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