Today’s October 7 and I biked to work in my shorts this morning. It’s mid October and no jacket required!

Biking to work isn’t as onerous as I thought it would be. Sometimes it’s cold, sometimes it rains, but mostly it’s good weather. Even in the cold rain, I don’t melt. Granted, I haven’t gone through a winter yet on bike. But that’s coming up.

I biked to and from work all spring/summer/fall this year. My plan is to go through the winter biking as well. It makes me a bit nervous. I’m one of those people who obsessively needs to know the outcome of all new ventures before undertaking them. In this case I don’t know how it will turn out.

I have lots of questions about biking in the winter that I can’t find good answers for:

  • How do I avoid automobiles?
  • What about the dark? What kind of light do I get for biking when it’s dark?
  • What about the cold? What kind of clothes do I need?
  • What’s the best route from my house to my work in the dark and cold?

Anyway, I’m kinda lucky because I work in a place with an inordinate number of bike nuts. If I really have a question, I can walk over and ask someone who has biked the last 12 winters. It’s too bad not everyone has this support locally.

One day my buddy Graham came over to my cubicle and was all pumped about an idea for a blog he had (he’ll probably tell you the whole story). The digest version is that he thought blogging about getting around without a car in Waterloo might have some local interest.

Seems like a match made in heaven. We’ll write about commuting without our cars. Maybe someone else will be convinced that it’s possible for them to get out of the car too even if only in the summer!

Right now winter is upon us, so as I figure out the answers about biking this winter I’ll have a place to share them.

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  1. I’ve expanded your territory of finding people who commute and get around without a car. I’m in Elmira, ON. and get along just fine without a car most of the time. Working in town makes that possible. We just rent a car when we need to go further.

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